Dr. Rosco will be getting surgery on Friday February 5, 2016.

Dr. Rosco has hip dysplasia, a torn labrum, detached cartilage, a cam lesion and a few cysts- all of which will be repaired this coming Friday (02/05/16). See below for details. Dr. Rosco will be on crutches for a couple weeks and will be restricted with her activities for three to six months following the surgery. Some treatments may need to be modified for two to three weeks following the surgery.

Changes to the schedule: The office will be closed on Friday February 5th, Saturday February 6th and the morning of Monday February 8th, 2016. Available appointments hours will be slightly limited as Dr. Rosco is in recovery. If you don’t see an available appointment online, please email DrRosco@gmail.com and she will try her best to accommodate you.

In need of a tune up? To schedule for chiropractic care, select ‘Therapy’ > ‘Chiropractic Treatment.’ To schedule for an adjustment and 30 min massage, select ‘Therapy’ > ‘Chiro and massage.’

What is a cam lesion? A cam lesion is an extra “bump” on the femoral head or neck, also known as the “ball” of the hip joint. Having this lesion decreases or prevents rotation of the hip. It can also cause damage to the cartilage and labrum in the hip joint. This lesion will be removed during the surgery.

How is hip dysplasia corrected in an adult? To correct hip dysplasia in an adult, the most common procedure is called a peri-acetabular osteotomy. Hip dysplasia is when the acetabulum, the “socket” of the hip joint, is too shallow. During the surgery, the acetubulum is cut from the pelvis and re-positioned making the “socket” deeper for the femoral head.

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