This patient came in with low back pain and stiffness. This video was taken approximately one hour later.

I clearly felt much better! – Mike C.

As a very active older person, I was concerned about a long standing knee injury. I first went to see Dr. Rosco after a recent tear resulting from kickboxing. She recommended a variety of therapies ranging from custom orthotics through ultrasound, laser, electric muscle stimulation and k-tape.

I was amazed with the results from the orthotics. I spend a lot of time on my feet working on a horse farm and my legs used to fatigue easily. Using the orthotics every day I have a lot more energy and stamina. My legs no longer ache and I am much more productive.

I will be returning to kickboxing soon and look forward to running in the Ragnar Relay Race. Dr. Rosco is very affordable and knowledgeable; I would recommend her for any sports related injury.

                                                                                                                                      -Terry O.

LIFE CHANGING…Dr. Rosco is amazing at what she does, pain free is life changing!

-Melissa E.

I injured my elbow in June of this year. One month of rest did not help so in August I enlisted the help of Dr. Rosco. She was able to isolate the source of the problem and quickly get to work. Using a combination of techniques/therapies and stretching exercises, my pain was significantly reduced after just a few visits.

Dr. Meri Rosco is excellent at explaining the anatomical reasons for the pain and setting expectations. In my case, I knew to expect a longer than normal turnaround due to the location of the injury. I’m happy to say now that I’m almost completely back to normal use of the elbow and am very satisfied with the service she provided.

I would highly recommend Dr. Rosco to anyone who is dealing with acute or chronic pain. She takes a holistic, “new school” approach to healing that goes far beyond adjustments. If you’ve been dealing with a “nagging” injury that won’t go away, make an appointment instead of masking the pain with medication or just accepting it.

-Brian T

If you are in need of an adjustment or tired of dealing with the pain, go see Dr. Rosco, you body will thank you.

-Greg C.

Feeling of gratitude just over me at the moment, I do not have words to express how much I appreciate your time and your effort, both emotional and physical, spent … also you were able to listen to me attentively and carefully answer all my questions… attitude, attention, care – it means so much for people. Thank you!

-Alex G

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