We have several treatment options available. All treatments are chosen based on the individual’s need.

CMT picChiropractic Manipulation Therapyto increase joint mobility, aids in the relief of muscle tightness and tension

Soft Tissue Cross Frictional Therapyhelp to reconstruct and strengthen a ligament, tendon or muscle

Deep Tissue Massageincrease blood flow, relieve tension or tightness

Grastonwith the use of an instrument, soft tissue conditions such as scar tissue, adhesions or muscle tightness can be eliminated

women stretching anotherVarious Muscle Stretching techniques – including pin and stretch, post-isometric relaxation and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. These techniques lengthened tight or tense muscles.

Therapeutic Exercisesstrengthens weak muscles or muscles that play a role in joint stabilization as well as corrects muscular imbalances

Neuromuscular Re-educationimproves posture by positional correction involving patient education as well as strengthening weakened muscles

Kinesio Tapea tape designed to restrict joint motion, activate or inhibit a muscle, create space within aK tape on ath joint, correct position or joint or muscle or to promote lymphatic drainage

Cold Laser Therapy– rejuvenates cells and makes them appear and act younger. Removes aging! Also great for pain and arthritis. Increases healing!

Ultrasoundbreaks up soft tissue adhesions, relieves swelling, heats soft tissue

Electric Stimulationreduces pain and prevents soreness