Dr. Rosco practices evidence-based medicine. She relieves pain and tension and improves mobility in joints and muscles with various gentle techniques.

Commonly treated conditions at Live Well Chiropractic Care:

Sports injuries such as: sprains, strains, meniscal tears, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff syndrome, shoulder dislocation/ instability, golfer’s or tennis elbow, muscle imbalance

Post surgical rehabilitation for joint replacements, spinal fusion and scar tissue associated with surgeries including hernia repair and breast augmentation

Nutrition and exercise counseling to decrease body fat, increase muscle tone, stabilize blood sugar levels with modifications to manage thyroid disease, heart disease, herpes virus, arthritis, autoimmune disease, intestinal distress or food allergies. Weight loss programs and personal training available as well. Meal planning and shopping consult available as well!

Neck and back pain

Headaches including migraines


Lymphatic drainage (i.e. breast surgery)

Scar Tissue Removal

Ask about cellulite treatment and Age reducing facials!

Unsure if your condition is something we can treat? We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have. Call or email us anytime! We’re here to help. Remember… YOUR wellness is OUR goal!